our soup range

Crafted with care

Every soup in the Butterfly range is a testament to our dedication to culinary excellence. Inspired by time-honored Belgian recipes and global influences, our chefs have poured their expertise and passion into every pot. The result? Soups that are rich, flavorful, and made with the finest, 100% natural ingredients.

Nourishment in Every Spoonful

As well as being delicious, our soups are wholesome and nourishing. Packed with nutrient-rich vegetables and lean proteins, they’re designed to be a nutritious addition to your daily diet. Each bowl is balanced and satisfying.

Try a Butterfly Soup Today!

We invite you to explore our soups and find your favorite. Whether you’re looking for something warm and comforting, to try something new, or simply a delicious meal, Butterfly soups are here to take your lunch or dinner to the next level.

Warm your soul, one spoonful at a time with Butterfly.

950ml soups

Our generous 950ml family portion is perfect when you want to share the warmth and goodness of a Butterfly soup with loved ones.

500ml soups

In a world that’s constantly on the move, we understand the need for convenience without compromising on quality. Our Butterfly 500ml size caters for singles and smaller households, providing just the right amount for a satisfying meal.

3l soups

Take your culinary delights to the next level with our exquisite 3-litre soup size. Designed for professional food service establishments and to meet the demands of discerning chefs and catering operations.

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